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ABEGGLEN is a successful pioneer in the Swiss consulting market with a strong team of 25 professionals. Since 1975, industrial and trading companies, service providers and public administrations have trusted our consulting competence. We have helped our customers cope with various tasks – from creating an effective strategy to its effective implementation in the operational business – in more than 1,000 projects in Switzerland and in Europe.

Abegglen’s competence spectrum is based on the holistic approach that successful management consulting requires:

  • Precise analysis and systematic assessment of our clients' situations and perspectives;
  • Strategic positioning and strategy-compliant operational management;
  • Clear organisation design and establishment of efficient business processes;
  • Forceful performance management strongly linked with corporate finance;
  • Consequent change management certain of achieving results.

Abegglen’s consulting work improves our customers' competitiveness, through:

Market Impact – Clear, significant and action-oriented customer segmentation, as well as the fact-based, profit-oriented marketing mix, are the keys to achieve market success for our customers. Our solid, methodical approach has proven itself in practice. Our success is distinctive and measurable: more sales revenues, stronger customer loyalty and higher profitability.

Operational Excellence – First class provision of services is a core pillar of sustained competitiveness and continuous value creation. Distinctive increases in productiveness, agile business processes, quality assurance, as well as sustainable improvement of profitability and capital yields are the results of focused operational value creation. Abegglen makes use of tried and tested methods like lean management, business process re-engineering and cost management.

Consulting work is “people business”. We speak the language of our customers, communicate complex content in an understandable manner, conquer complex challenges in partnership with our clients and at all times retain the trust of our customers, even in delicate situations.

Lukas Baer

Abegglen Management Consultants AG
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