ACE news

App on #openinnovation

07/02/13 - Mobile website with great cases and details on OI

Benefits of strategic alliances

16/11/12 - Research proves importance of international networks such as ACE

Flexibility in Organisations

14/11/12 - At what cost and risk can organisations increase their flexibility?

ACE now also on YouTube

27/07/12 - We recently launched our own channel to share our video clips.

Benefits of Open Innovation

22/06/12 - ACE is currently working on a European report on Open Innovation - its aspects, benefits and how to successfully apply it.

Challenges in Service Organisations

06/05/12 - Is your service organisation prepared for future challenges? You can benchmark yourself against 700 European service organisations...

Business Model Innovation

05/04/12 - How to seize new opportunities by expanding the scope of innovation to encompass the full business model?

ACE now in Spain and Poland

01/04/12 - ACE with two new strategic partners in Europe.

New ACE Partner in Poland

09/11/11 - This new partnership means further access and presence in the CEE for ACE and our clients.

Latest 2011 ACE reports just released!

01/11/11 - We asked more than 700 service organisations about their agenda for the next years...

Organisational Agility

30/07/10 - How can an organisation measure its agility? What actions can be taken to become more agile?

ACE Survey 2009

30/10/09 - ‘Strategy & Market Impact’ in Europe

Connect Event 2009

12/02/09 - May Meeting with 50 ACE consultants in Italy

ACE Survey 2008

01/01/09 - ‘Operational & Lean Management’ in Europe

Country news

Czech Republic

12/06/12 - Marketer of the Year 2011 - small dolphin awarded to DC VISION by Czech Marketing Society


03/04/12 - Is your organisation prepared for future challenges? Quick online benchmark tool.

Agility in the Public Sector

27/10/11 - Rijnconsult and the Business School Nederland on "Agility" in the public sector...

Czech Republic

18/11/10 - DC VISION wins prestigious award


14/08/10 - New Book Released: Lean & Innovation


04/08/10 - The TOP CONSULTANT quality seal is awarded to Management Partner...

United Kingdom

04/08/10 - "Agility Factor: Helping Organisations Perform Better"

Czech Republic

29/06/10 - DC VISION - a green company!


25/06/10 - Abegglen again wins ASCO awards!


04/03/10 - New Book: Change & Effect

United Kingdom

18/02/10 - New Issue of Quarterly Journal released: "Moral Dilemmas: Saints and Sinners in Board Rooms"


15/02/10 - LEAN Benchmarking for European companies available

United Kingdom

01/09/09 - October 21st, London: breakfast debate for HR directors


26/08/09 - Abegglen wins Gold & Silver ASCO awards!


24/08/09 - Turning the right screws - how the connector specialists at Ferdinand Gross mobilised undreamt of savings potential and efficiency reserves.

United Kingdom

15/05/09 - June 2nd: breakfast debate on Ulrich


01/03/09 - seminar "MP in DIALOGUE" April 21st 2009


03/02/09 - Petit Dejeuner debate April 30 2009


30/11/00 - 30 years of Rijnconsult!