Strategy and Market Impact (marketing efficiency and sales excellence)

Strategy and development

We help clients define a new direction for their company at a corporate, business unit and functional level. We help them to embrace a change in direction through implementing the right strategies across their innovation, marketing and sales functions. The results are measurable during both growth phases, as well as downturns.

Value proposition

  • Strategy and transformation - We help our clients create and evaluate new business opportunities, as well as address the most important and challenging issues. We facilitate discussions and decisions to help boards and management teams share and communicate clear, engaging strategies. We support clients in mastering a transformation agenda during both prosperous and turbulent times.
  • Business and Product Innovation - We help our clients innovate their business model enabling them to develop and create new products/services faster, as well as market them more efficiently. We assist in optimising product portfolios and the way new products are identified, developed and brought to market.
  • Marketing Effectiveness - We help our clients optimise their marketing approach (product, price, position, place, promotion and people) both at a strategic and tactical level to improve their impact on the market. We also analyse markets to help clients find valuable segments to focus on, which will ultimately enhance profitability.
  • Sales Excellence - We help our clients to achieve sales excellence. We measure performance by creating internal and external benchmarks. By creating an efficient sales force structure, we can help to improve the performance of a sales team. We implement sales processes that not only reflect the customer base, but also the buying processes to optimise sales results. We can assess and develop every layer of a sales force to improve sales.