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Management Development


ACE’s collective experience and understanding of the different working cultures across Europe, can provide a unique and innovative offering that stands out from those offering traditional mono-cultural management training. This is delivered through:

  • Combining strategy-driven competency needs to individually-centred development;
  • Programmes built on blended learning designs using experiential learning techniques;
  • A holistic approach to resource development calling on physical, emotional, and rational intelligence;
  • Distinguishing and combining the necessary management and leadership capabilities.

Value Proposition

Management Development programmes linked to business needs, through:

  • A tailor made competency programme built on audit of strategic and organisation needs;
  • A three-phase approach – self management, team management, business management.

Authenticity in management:

  • Empowering the manager: Added value and autonomy within management systems.
  • Development of authenticity, emotional intelligence and quality of personal presence.
  • Building strong managerial capabilities: awareness of personal values and motivation.

Change and Crisis Leadership:

  • Setting a framework for change and gaining the understanding of the energy within the team.
  • Role of Manager as mediator between strategic requirements and operational constraints.

Forging a common management culture, through:

  • Creating a connected community of managers on basis of shared vision and management concepts.
  • Achieving efficient communication between management levels horizontally and vertically.