ACE Consultancy Competencies and Services

Strategy and Market Impact

We help clients define a new direction for their company at a corporate, business unit and functional level. We help them to embrace a change in direction through implementing the right strategies across their innovation, marketing and sales functions. The results are measurable during both growth phases, as well as downturns.

Organisation, Leadership & HR

Delivering successful performance requires aligned and motivated people. This becomes even more relevant within international companies with varying cultures and working practices. To help understand and improve an organisation's ability to deliver their strategy, we provide diagnostic services that assess a firm's capability. We work with clients to achieve structural and cultural change, develop individuals to become more effective leaders and provide expertise in better organising the HR function in order to build performance management and reward systems fit for an international business.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is a comprehensive approach for optimising daily operations, in alignment with the organisation’s strategic objectives and customer demands/expectations. We can help organisations achieve operational excellence by designing and implementing improved business processes within the operation, supply and development processes. ACE has helped clients achieve Operational Excellence across all industries in both the public and private sectors.

Project Management

We believe Project Management is about linking corporate strategy, project portfolio management, project execution management and operational transition to achieve the successful completion of a specific goal/project. We help our clients to adapt the right methodologies to suit their needs, cultures and specific challenges.